• EIG CONCERT-Japan Joint Call Opened!

    The joint call ‘’Smart Water Management for Sustainable Societies’’ has opened within the scope of EIG CONCERT Japan aims to enhance scientific and technological cooperation between Europe-Japan. Funding organizations from countries such as Japan, Turkey, Slovakia, Germany and many more are participating in the joint call program. The maximum funding per project is 720.000 TL. Deadline for the applications is 14 June 2019. For more information, please follow the link.

  • 16 May, 2019

  • Funda Lena is the author of "The Music Industry Diversity in Turkey" book is out!

    Bilgi University Arts and Cultural Management Lecturer and Cultural Economist Funda Lena new book " Variety in Turkish Music Industry" was published by Kreksa Kültür Publications. The book examines the reasons for the difference between the variety of music produced and the variety of music consumed in Turkey.

  • 23 Jan, 2019

  • “Plural Heritages of Istanbul: The Case of the Land Walls” project is completed!

    The research project titled “Plural Heritages of Istanbul: The Case of the Land Walls” by the partnership of Istanbul Bilgi University, Newcastle University and Bursa Uludağ University between 2016-2018 is completed. In the project, which also examined the question of community’s involvement in the processes of explication and interpretation of cultural heritage sites and assets via the Land Walls example, trips and workshops were organized with the residents of the neighbourhoods around the Istanbul Land Walls.

  • 15 Jan, 2019

  • KMKD (The Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage) are Looking for a Team Member

    The Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage (KMKD) is searching Cultural Preservation Manager for “Capacity Building in Cultural Heritage Protection (KORU)" Project which carried out by the Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage together with Edinburgh World Heritage; it is supported by the British Council as part of the Cultural Protection Fund.

  • 28 Dec, 2018

  • KÖR(LER) Performance

    In the midst of fixed images and electromagnetic tensions, at the end of a century when the hum of "reality" was increasing in intensity, written by Maurice Materlinck, and adapted/designed/directed (by Fulya Peker) as an experimental performance, KÖR!(LER) reached its audience on November 2-3, 2018 at Avto, as the first work presented by Espas Project, a stimulating example of interdisciplinary production practice, founded by students and graduates of İstanbul Bilgi University Management of Performing Arts/Performing Arts, Music and Literature departments. 

  • 03 Dec, 2018