• Heritage fair to be held in February

    Heritage 2015 “Restoration, Archeology and Museum Technologies” fair and conferences will be held between Feb. 5 and 7 in Turkey. The events will be held at the Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention & Exhibition Center, aiming to bring together institutions, universities, governmental bodies, associations with the companies and suppliers from the sector that are working to conserve, preserve and transfer the historic and artistic assets of Turkey to the future. Link

  • 06 Jan, 2015

  • Works end in Stratonikeia

    The latest excavation season has ended in the ancient city of Stratonikeia in the western province of Muğla’s Yatağan district. Professor Bilal Söğüt, head of the excavations, said they had worked for some six months in 2014 with 50 academics and workers. Link

  • 05 Jan, 2015