Istanbul Bilgi University UNESCO Chair on Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy

Chairholder: Assoc. Prof. Serhan Ada

Istanbul Bilgi University UNESCO Chair on Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy, established in 2018, holds the distinction of being an interdisciplinary platform for education, research, and public action, making our University a pioneer in Turkey in the field of Culture (and Art) Management and Cultural Policy within the Arts and Culture Management BA, Cultural Management MA, and Cultural Policy and Management Research Center (KPY).

The BİLGİ UNESCO Chair actively forges partnerships with numerous institutions, both academic and non-academic, at the national and international levels. Engaged in research, publishing, networking, and capacity building, it collaborates closely with various departments and programs within our university, including Cultural Studies, Economics, International Relations, Ph.D. in Communication, European Institute, and the Center for Migration Research.


  • Develop international cooperation among cultural industry associations, stakeholders, and civil society to preserve and enhance the diversity of cultural expressions.
  • Conduct capacity-building activities to support participatory cultural policies and strengthen the existing international network in this field.
  • Contribute to ongoing efforts within our country and among international cultural institutions to promote international cultural cooperation and dialogue.
  • Collaborate with UNESCO and other UNESCO chairs in similar fields.
  • Contribute theoretically to the field by continuing the publication of the Cultural Policy Yearbook initiated by the University.

Following the first reporting period, the BİLGİ UNESCO Chair has been renewed until 2026.



The Young Researchers Conference on Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy was organised by Istanbul Bilgi University UNESCO Chair on Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy in 2020.

Aims of the Conference:


  • Raising the recognition of cultural policy and cultural diplomacy based on cultural diversity in the academic arena
  • Enabling young researchers who work at the main disciplines of cultural policy and cultural diplomacy to share their research findings and open them to discussion
  • Creating an international sharing and interaction platform
  • Identifying the common interests of the researchers from the global South and the global North and create co-working opportunities


The e-book titled "Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy Young Researchers Conference 21-22 August 2020: Papers" has been published by Hiperyayın, featuring revised versions of the conference papers.