kpy yıllık

The Cultural Policy and Management Research Centre (KPY) at Istanbul Bilgi University is once again delivering its annual publication, covering major issues and debates of the 2014-2015 period. This 2014-2015 issue is the fifth in the KPY Yearbook series, published by Istanbul Bilgi University Press. The central theme of the 2014-2015 Yearbook is the changing relationship between state and culture – thus the overall title of the Focus section is Cultural Interventions. It is edited by Kevin Robins and Burcu Yasemin Şeyben.





Between Precarity and Resilience: Is An Independent Republic of Culture Possible?

Serhan Ada

Independence or Competition? Art Workers in Slovenia

Katja Praznik

Unpacking Conflictual Consensus in Berlin’s Cultural Policy-making

Friederike Landau

BFAMFAPhD: On the Cultural Value Debate and Artists Report Back

Caroline Woolard

Art in the Age of Social Activism

Sohrab Mahdavi

The Independent Creative Sector in Palestine Today

Fatin Farhat

Morocco: Culture, Politics, and Other Little Dreams

Dounia Benslimane

A Storm is Blowing from Saadiyyat Island

MTL Collective

A Detailed Analysis of the Private/Independent Theatre Scene in Istanbul

Yeşim Tonga Uriarte

The Guantanamo Bay Museum: Between Precarity and Resiliency

Ian Alan Paul

ArtLeaks - Possibilities of Struggle for Labor Rights and Emancipation in the Art Filed

Vladan Jeremić - Corina L. Apostol



The Panache of Artivism within the Imperial Narrative of the Middle East

Khaled Ramadan - Dorian Batycka

Contentious Memory: Cinema and the Spanish Dictatorial Past

Rebeca Maseda García

Art Writing in a Post-Critical Era

Marcus Graf

An Analysis on the Normalization of Discrimination: The Merchant of Venice

Emre Zeytinoğlu


The Culture White Paper

Christopher Gordon

An Evaluation of the UNESCO Monitoring Report “Re|Shaping Cultural Policies”

Funda Lena

Tearing Down Bridges – Turkey’s Withdrawal from Creative Europe


Filling the Vacuum in Turkish Art History: Armenians in Ottoman Art History at the End of the 19th and the Beginning of the 20th Centuries

E. Osman Erden

An Orphaned Orphanage in Tuzla: Camp Armen

Özlem Karakuş

The National Roma Strategy Plan is Inadequate but Necessary

Hacer Foggo

Toto and his Sisters: This is our Neighbourhood

Derya Nüket Özer

An Assessment of the Cinema Services Sector Report

Evrim Töre

Weakening of the Legislation Regarding Archaeological Conservation Sites for Development Projects

Yiğit Ozar