Cultural Policy Yearbook

Cultural Policy Yearbook is an international, peer-reviewed publication, producing high-quality, original research published by Istanbul Bilgi University Cultural Policy and Management Research Centre (KPY). The Yearbook is a bilingual, and annual book published both in English and in Turkish in two separate volumes. CPY Yearbook consists of three sections including a dossier named “Focus” which consists of a title formed around the conceptualization and contemporary discussions on the chosen theme as well as "Open Space" and "Review".
The “Focus” theme is determined by the editor(s) appointed by the editorial board for each issue.
The “Open Space” gives coverage to articles on the latest developments and debates in the area of cultural policy and management which are not included in the “Focus”.
The “Review” includes short information, criticism, and commentary on publications, legislation, and international documents, events, works of art, and academic/cultural meetings.


Cultural Policy and Management (KPY) Yearbook (KPY) 2012-13

KPY Yearbook 2012 - 2013 concentrates on the role played by cultural actors during the change and transformation processes revealed as a result of crises and what kinds of innovative strategies, management and policy tools are formed as a result.  This issue aims to question the types of creative management and policy proposals conveyed from culture-arts front in a setting we are right in the midst of worldwide and where the civil society's mode of participation in politics is renewed and to compile the reviews in this regard.  
Istanbul Bilgi University Publications, 2013.

Table of Contents

Yudhishthir Raj Isar: Is the Concept of ‘Autonomy’ Worth Revisiting?

Philipp Dietachmair: From the Editor of the Dossier
Phillip Dietachmair: The Role of New Cultural Strategies In the Times of Crisis - Interview with Doris Pack
Ferhat Özgür: Curatorial Strategies in the Chaging Cultural Climate of Serbia - Interview with Zoran Erić
Nadia Von Maltzahn & Rana Yazaji: Syrian Culture in Turbulent Times
Saki Bailey & Maria Edgarda Marcucci: Legalizing the Occupation: The Teatro Valle as a Cultural Commons
Sanjin Dragojević and Vitomira Lončar: Leadership in Arts and Culture in Croatia and a Paradigm Shift
Maximilian Hartmuth: A Civil Society Initiative in the Current Crisis of Cultural Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina:
Goran Tomka: Serbian Cultural Managers on Crowdfunding – Context, Fears and Hopes
Corinna Vosse: New Economic Practice in Creative Scenes – Crowdfunding and Coworking
Cultural Governance: From Challenges to Changes – CultureWatchEurope Meeting

Baiba Tjarve: Decentralisation of Culture in Latvia during the Transition Period, 1991-2010: Institutional Transformations
Lidia Varbanova: Sustainability Aspects of Cultural Entrepreneurship

Artemis Papatheodorou ve Stella Kladou: Shifting Patterns in Cultural Management: Sismanoglio Megaro as a Success Story
Gottfried Wagner: ‘More Europe’ – Culture in External Relations
Michael Wimmer: Current Cultural and Political Culture Trends in Europe
Nil Delahaye: The Benefits of Empowering Cultural Participation of International Migrants: ‘Raising Awareness about International Migration in Istanbul’ Project
Rubén Díaz: “A Common World by Marina Garcés” A Book Review
Camille Bertrand-Hardy: Creative Urban Projects: How to Bring the European Cultural Capital to the Housing Projects?
Serhan Ada: Re-visiting Cultural Policy in Turkey: A Sense of Déjà-vu
Can Altay: Here We Are: The Imagination of Public Space in Gezi Park
Rumeysa Kiger: The impact of the Gezi protests on the Istanbul art world
Yıldız Salman: A Model Experiment in Renewal In Accordance with the Wishes of the Inhabitants: a Feasibility Project Concerning the Restoration of the Historic Fortressed Walls Surrounding Diyarbakir
Tomislav Medak, Tomislav Domes and Teodor Celakoski: ‘Right to the City’ – ‘Pravo na Grad’ in Zagreb

2013 Annual KPY Top 15 News Selection