Cultural Policy Yearbook

Cultural Policy Yearbook is an international, peer-reviewed publication, producing high-quality, original research published by Istanbul Bilgi University Cultural Policy and Management Research Centre (KPY). The Yearbook is a bilingual, and annual book published both in English and in Turkish in two separate volumes. CPY Yearbook consists of three sections including a dossier named “Focus” which consists of a title formed around the conceptualization and contemporary discussions on the chosen theme as well as "Open Space" and "Review".
The “Focus” theme is determined by the editor(s) appointed by the editorial board for each issue.
The “Open Space” gives coverage to articles on the latest developments and debates in the area of cultural policy and management which are not included in the “Focus”.
The “Review” includes short information, criticism, and commentary on publications, legislation, and international documents, events, works of art, and academic/cultural meetings.


Cultural Policy and Management (KPY) Yearbook (KPY) 2009

Istanbul being selected as the European Capital of Culture in 2010 and the mission it has undertaken in this regard, forms the grounds for the first issue of this book being dedicated to urban cultures.  The book takes advantage of the experiences of authors from Turkey, Netherlands and different parts of Europe and discusses cultural policy and management within the framework of urban planning, urban development and local art production. 
Istanbul Bilgi University Publications, 2010


Table of Contents

Gijs de Vries: Winning Hearts and Minds: Cultural Diplomacy and EU-Turkish Relations

Interview with Talât Sait Hamlan
Interview with Pulat Tacar

Dora Konsola and Nicholas Karachalis: Arts Festivals and Urban Cultural Policies in the Small and Medium- Sized Cities of Greece
Mariangela Lavanga: Culture and Cities. Urban Regeneration and Sustainable Urban Redevelopment
Robert Kloosterman: New Urbanity in an Old City: The Case of Amsterdam 
Ilia Dementiev: Innovative Development of Cultural Institutions in the Kaliningrad Region: Regional Project-based Experience 

Milena Dragićević Šešić: Educational Programmes in Strategic Cultural Management within the Regional Context 
Cemil Boyraz: Book Publishing in Turkey: a Neglected Field of Cultural Policy
Mikhail Gnedovsky: Cultural Policy in Contemporary Russia

Burak Asiliskender: Discussing ‘Modern’ on the Basis of Early Republican Heritage in Kayseri
Azad Ziya Eren: Diyarbakır: A communal Courtyard in big-boned Mesopotamia. Attempting a Multipolar Approach to Urban and Cultural Polices 
Veysel Tolun: Çanakkale City Museum and Archive 

Edited by Dorotho Ilczuk and Yudhishthir Raj Isar Diane Dodd: Diversity in the Cultural Life of European Cities , Metropolises of Europe: diversity in urban cultural life (2006).
Edited by Serhan Ada ve Ayça İnce: Putting Turkish Cultural Policy into the European Context , Introduction to Cultural Policy in Turkey  (2009).
Edited by Serhan Ada, Deniz Ünsal, Truus Gubbels: Making Worlds , Emerging Cultural Continent: Actors and Networks , Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey (2008).

ISBN: 978-605-399-130-4 
November 2009