Ukrainian Cultural Foundation launches fundraising campaign to support culture

May '22

Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (UCF) - state Ukrainian institution that supports Ukrainian artists and projects aimed at the development and promotion of Ukrainian culture through a competitive selection, supported over 2000 projects from scholarships to big festivals and movie productions over the 5 years.


According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, funds in the amount of UAH 637 million (approx. EUR 20 million) provided for operational activities and implementation of cultural projects in 2022, were transferred to the Ukrainian Army to counter aggression of the Russian federation. As a result, the grant season in 2022 was suspended. UFC calls on the cultural and creative institutions and organizations to support Ukrainian culture. Details here!


The aim of our fundraising campaign is:

- to support artists, creatives and cultural workers who have remained in Ukraine and are in need of means to live and continue their work;

- to support artists, creatives and cultural workers who had to temporary flee war to other countries and are in need of resources to continue their work abroad;

- to support cultural and artistic projects aimed at promoting Ukrainian culture abroad; 

- to support Ukrainian media and media projects; 

- to support the activities and projects of the UCF. 


UCF has a database of more than 10 thousand cultural organizations and artists in Ukraine and motivated team of professional and pool of experts who will ensure the distribution of collected funds as well as transparent reporting on used funds. 


What can you do to help?

1.     Donate to UCF directly. For that please contact 

2.     Share information about UCF and our fundraising campaign on your web-site and through your information channels.