The Book of the 3rd National Cultural Council of Turkey Published

October '17

The book of the 3rd National Cultural Council of Turkey, which was held on March 3-5, 2017 in Istanbul by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, has been published. The book begins with the preface of Minister of Culture and Tourism Nabi Avcı, carries on with the opening speeches of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Minister in the council, followed with 17 chapters that were discussed in different commissions.

These chapters consist of the reports prepared as a result of the meetings of the Commission on Cultural Policy, the Commission on Cultural Diplomacy, the Commission on Cultural Economy, the Cultural Assets Commission, the Museums and Archeology Commission, the Performing Arts Commission, the Cinema, Radio and Television Commission, the Music Commission, the Visual Arts Commission, the Language and Literature Commission, the Media and Culture Commission, the Children and Culture Commission, the Architecture and Culture Commission, the City and Culture Commission, the Local Authorities and Culture Commission, the Turks Abroad and Culture Commission and the Family and Culture Commission. Each report first describes the current status of the related area and then offers a road map for the future.