The BO – Cultural Barometer

December '17

The Budapest Observatory has been carrying out a research project that is titled The Cultural Barometer. Under this project, Cultural Climate Barometer 2017 survey has been implemented. The survey includes questions on the problematic factors for the vitality of culture, as well as the accommodating, positive aspects that affect the cultural ecosystem.

Who is The Budapest Observatory?

The Budapest Observatory is a Regional Observatory on Culture in East-Central Europe missioned to be of help for those who want to know more about the conditions (finances, legislation, governance, policies) of cultural life (cultural activities, products and organisations) in east-central European countries.

The Function of the Barometer:

The BO barometer seeks answers to the question: “What are the most problematic factors for culture in your country?” The primary function of the barometer is diagnosing the actual state of the environment of culture in the given country, just as we could see in the economic competitiveness surveys.

In the researches of the barometer, they are trying to find answers to the questions like, “What are the conditions for the vitality of cultural life in a country? What are the main characteristics of its environment? Which are the strengths and the weaknesses? What kind of cultural policy model prevails?”

You can find more information about the Budapest Observatory and the Cultural Barometer from the following links: