The 2nd Good Design Izmir in Kulturpark

December '17

Izmir Mediterranean Academy has organized the second Good Design Izmir under the theme of “Opening Up a Space” and brought together in Kültürpark audiences with designers, universities’ departments of design, professional organizations and independent actors operating in the field of design.

Good Design Izmir aims to offer a sustainable platform where the relationship between design and the city can be rethought; design could be experienced and made more visible. The organization is carried out through a collective and participative process with the support of schools, professional organizations and initiatives working in the field of design in Izmir.

As part of the 2nd Good Design Izmir, visitors have been able to participate between the 20th of October to 20th of November, 2017 to 14 workshops regarding different disciplines of design, discussion sessions on different models of organization and experience, innovative spaces and alternatives as well as exhibitions highlighting the design history of Kültürpark.