Prof. Nikos Leandros was at İstanbul Bilgi University

September '17

Professor Nikos Leandros from Panteion University gave a speech at İstanbul Bilgi University about new cultural projects and initiatives during the crisis period.

Nikos Leandros started his lecture with the example of Greece. Leandros mentioned that many different cultural projects and initiatives have emerged in Greece after the economic crisis and these developments have grown rapidly in recent years. As Nikos Leandros has observed, cultural participation in Athens has been progressing in parallel with the development of cultural activities. As a result of recent exciting developments, Greece has hosted many international cultural events.

For instance, European Sociological Association Conference 2017 was held, and Documenta -for the first time in somewhere else than Germany- took place in Athens.

Nikos Leandros highlighted two projects that took place in Greece besides the many projects that have been realized.

One of them, the Alpha Movie, which is an independent transmedia cinematic performance that has been produced through crowdfunding, has also acquired significant international visibility.

Another project that Nikos Leandros emphasized was the Dourgouti Island Hotel, which is carried out by the artist collective, UrbanDig, and aims to bring people together in the region of Dourgiti and to draw attention to the social problems of the region.

In the last part of his speech, Nikos Leandros mentioned that the clustered cultural organizations in Athens should be gathered under a common roof.

He stated that Panteion University is in the phase of setting up an Incubator Center to create a common vision for initiatives and content producers in Athens. Nikos Leandros concluded his speech by stating that all these developments promise hope for the future.