Performistanbul - Platform to Perform

April '18

Performistanbul, founded in 2016, is an Istanbul-based international platform that works with artists and institutions, aiming to promote performance art and introduce more audiences to challenging and creative performance work internationally.

Management of Performing Arts (MAP) graduate, curator Simge Burhanoğlu says that she founded the platform after recognizing an essential gap in the performance art scene in Turkey; since works of performance artists are not substantial and cannot be purchased, arts venues and audiences rarely take the risk and look out for such works.

Performistanbul’s most recent project ‘’Needed: You’’ brought together nine performance artworks that lasted for an uninterrupted 28 days, 672 hours between February 16 and March 16, 2018 at a Galata venue that is currently being turned into Performistanbul Live Art Research Space.

The total revenue from the sale of tickets for “Needed: You” is allocated to supply books for the library of Performistanbul Live Art Research Space. Performistanbul Live Art Research Space will be focusing on archiving, documenting and exhibiting performance art while providing space and resources for research with more than 7000 physical and digital resources on performance art.

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