KÖR(LER) Performance

December '18

In the midst of fixed images and electromagnetic tensions, at the end of a century when the hum of "reality" was increasing in intensity, written by Maurice Materlinck, and adapted/designed/directed (by Fulya Peker) as an experimental performance, KÖR!(LER) reached its audience on November 2-3, 2018 at Avto, as the first work presented by Espas Project, a stimulating example of interdisciplinary production practice, founded by students and graduates of İstanbul Bilgi University Management of Performing Arts/Performing Arts, Music and Literature departments. 

KÖR!(LER) invigorates the senses of hearing and touch, while also questioning the blurred borders between the acts of “seeing” and “showing” in contemporary art. Composed and constructed through a long and detail oriented rehearsal process, this experimental performance and/or installation approaches the stage as a canvas. Each performer's lines were carefully linked to words, whispers, sighs, silences and hand gestures of others'. The hands reaching out to the void with a longing to touch and to grasp the unknown are accompanied by recurring echoes of the materials collected from construction sites to capture the timbre of an everlasting destruction, the soundscape. 

KÖR!(LER), as an experience about the communication patterns formed by the people with a shared unease, will continue to reach its audience on December 6-14-28, 2018 at İkinci Kat.”

Writer: Maurice Maeterlinck

Adapter, Designer, Director: Fulya Peker 

Derya Dinç
Alican Kargın
Mert Kıratlı
Bengü Kovar
Can Memişoğulları
Melda Tuzluca
Gökçe Uygun

Canvas application: Tuğba Eke

Project Coordinator: Naz Güven 

Project Assistant: Ece Eraslan 

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About ESPAS Project:

Working to experience all forms of creative practice; Espas Project was established in June 2018 with the integrative effect of contemporary, interdisciplinary and collective consciousness. 
The team tries to shape with their bodies the moments in the midst of the blurred opposite poles, screams and whispers within life, and to explore the different forms of communication, by escaping from the definitive judgements in their creative search.
KÖR!(LER) is the first project of the team.

Fulya Peker is a theatre/performance artist and poet working in New York and Istanbul. She has performed in the fields of experimental theater / film, dance and music in New York City in the works of well-known names such as Richard Foreman, John Zorn, Robert Ashley, Katsura Kan, David Michalek and Object Collection. Some of her prominent works as a writer and director are Requiem Aeternam Deo, The Void, The Plague, The Red Book, DEM.

    Peker continues her experimental theatre works with the Catharsis Performance Project, of which she is the founder and art director, and she continues her interdisciplinary research with the Modern Mythologies Project of which she is also the founder. Her translations, poems and articles on experimental theatre were published both in the USA and in Turkey. 
    Peker who completed her bachelor’s degree in Theatre (H.Ü Ankara Devlet Konservatuarı); has an M.A. in Theatre, History, Literature and Criticism Program (Brooklyn College/CUNY). Currently, she is a lecturer at Bilgi University/ Faculty of Communication, and continues to offer international performances and workshops.