KMKD (The Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage) are Looking for a Team Member

June '18

The Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage (KMKD) is searching to appoint an Istanbul-based Project Coordinator to manage the delivery of “Protecting and Disseminating Architectural and Intangible Heritage of Syriac Community in Turabdin”

KMKD’s activities are pursued with the understanding that the cultural assets created by different communities of Anatolia are the richness of Turkey and cultural heritage of all humanity. KMKD aims at expanding the knowledge, skills and expertise required for understanding the values of the cultural heritage and taking the necessary measures for their protection.


What KMKD does:

Community engagement, learning and training, including development of educational materials around conservation projects, heritage interpretation, and sustainability of historic sites.

Documentation and risk assessment reports for architectural heritage under risk and conservation projects for their protection.

Creating public awareness at local and national levels and calling on public authorities to take better and comprehensive action in this field, with the objective of transmitting cultural heritage for future generations.

Bringing together and strengthening communication between individuals and institutions which practice in this field and cooperating with national and international organizations through projects.

We are looking to appoint a Project Coordinator for the delivery of the project in Mardin and its vicinity. The main objectives of the Project are as follows;

1. Documentation of existing architectural heritage built by the Syriac community in the Turabdin region,

2. Preparing the risk assessment reports for the preservation of the buildings at risk,

3. Protecting and disseminating the Syriac language and cultural practices,

4. Enlarging the network of experts, activists, initiatives and NGO’s working on protecting Syriac cultural heritage.


The main duty of the coordinator is to plan, coordinate and administer the series of events associated with the project. The more information about the job and the application form can be found in documents below.