September '21

“Culture in the Sustainable Development Goals

Implementing the Seven Keys “



Session’s brief / Coaching

Tag: Caring for the Government

Date: Thursday 9 September

Time: 10:30 – 11:45 (local time) / 9:30 – 10:45 (CEST)

Location: Workshop Space

Format: Round table for facilitator and speakers, with audience distributed in rows around the table. The session will have a hybrid format which allows both physical and virtual participation, interaction and attendance. A screen where the speakers physically present in Izmir can see online speakers and participants will be displayed.




The Seven Keys is the newest peer-learning and capacity building programme that UCLG offers to its members to articulate cultural issues in sustainable cities under the framework of the Agenda 2030 and the 17 SDGs. The Seven Keys programme helps cities and local and regional governments all around the world to integrate the cultural dimension in the localisation of the SDGs. Through the programme participants relate municipal challenges with cultural assets, activities, and policies with the lenses of the Guide for Local Action on Culture in the SDGs, and discuss until reaching seven “keys” that local actors commit to localize the SDGs through culture policymaking. This session will bring together cities and experts that have participated in the programme, who will present their own seven keys and explain main outcomes.



Chair: Zayd Minty. Director and Founder, Creative City South [TBC]


Keynote speaker:


Antoine Guibert


Expert on Culture and Sustainable Cities, UCLG Culture Committee





Solomon Mguni [physical TBC]

Mayor, Bulawayo

Álvaro Ortiz

[video message]

Mayor, Concepción

Catarina Vaz-Pinto [physical]

Deputy Mayor, Lisbon

Dr. Wang Chenjia


Dean of the Cross-cultural Research Institute of Northwest University, Xi’an

Vannesa Bohórquez [video message]

Councillor for Culture, Mexico City

Marco Antonio González Mesa [TBC]

Mayor, Puerto de la Cruz

Serhan Ada


Associate Professor, Head of Arts and Cultural Management Department and Director of the Cultural Policy and Management Research Centre at the Bilgi University


Roll-out of the session:

The session will take 75 minutes.


10:30 – The panellists and the facilitator sit on the chairs. The facilitator introduces them and himself. He provides an overview of the session and gives the floor to the keynote speaker (5 minutes).

10:35 – The keynote speaker delivers his keynote speech, based on his experience as an expert with experience in the facilitation of the capacity-building and learning programmes of the UCLG Culture Committee, including the Seven Keys (15 minutes).

10:50 – Using the suggested questions and the inputs from the keynote speaker, the facilitator generates a dialogue and thread the questions to each panellist, trying to make a common ground as voices and approaches or concepts are added (40 minutes / 5-6 minutes each panellist).

11:30 – 15 minutes before the end of the session, the facilitator wraps up the discussion with the speakers, listing the main divergences / convergences of what was discussed and debated and proposing one or more takeaways before opening the floor to questions from the audience (15 minutes).


Trigger questions:

  • What are the Seven Keys reached by your city? How do they relate with the cultural assets identified? How can the programme support the consolidation of a cultural plan for your city? (Solomon Mguni)
  • What are the challenges encountered in the process of reaching the Seven Keys? What are the main outcomes and learnings of the process? (Álvaro Ortiz / Marco Antonio González Mesa)
  • How does the Seven Keys programme contribute to the localisation of the UN 2030 Agenda in your city? (Catarina Vaz-Pinto)
  • Why do you think it is relevant for your city to participate in the Seven Keys programme? What are your expectations? (Vannesa Bohórquez / Dr. Wang Chenjia)
  • How does the Seven Keys programme help to explore the relation between cultural policies and the implementation of the SDGs at a local level? What are the possible obstacles in the achievement of the Seven Keys? (Serhan Ada)



Each participant will respond to the questions referencing their own experiences with the Seven Keys programme. Please listen to your fellow panellists and by weaving in your answers try connecting them to the final takeaway of the session.


Participants may bring audio-visual material to illustrate their talk only if it is strictly essential.

Please send your PPT / video via WETRANSFER to: and before 1 September 2021.




Useful information

Arrival time for both physical and online participants: 10:15 (local time) / 9:15 (CEST)

Address: Kültürpark, Izmir

Room: Workshop Space

Link to the session:

Passcode: 611942

Simultaneous interpretation will be available in English, Turkish, French and Spanish.