Izmir Culture Pla+form Initiative Yearbook 2016 Published

April '17

Yearbook 2016 provides a thorough inventory of Izmir Culture Pla+form’s works and events in 2016, an initiative of İzmir Mediterranean Academy Culture and Arts Unit, which aims to build a network of arts and culture for Izmir and works together with more than thirty experts in these fields in the committee of advisors.

Izmir Culture Pla+form Initiative (IKPG) aims to build a network of individuals, institutions and independent organisms from Izmir that produce culture and arts, strategies to expand this network from local to Mediterranean basin, to generate tools to increase artistic communication between producers and consumers of culture and to make the cultural production of the city more visible. 

The first part of the Yearbook 2016 includes reviews by Aziz Kocaoğlu (Mayor, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality), Funda Erkal Öztürk (Director, Department of Culture and Arts, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality), Ayşegül Sabuktay (Director, Izmir Mediterranean Academy), Sarp Keskiner (Izmir Culture Pla+form Initiative) and Borga Kantürk. It also includes an infographic that shows the disciplines and fields of production of 109 participants (as of 2016) of the IKPG.

The "Pla+forum" section showcase an inventory of the forums during 2016, “Musical Works in Izmir”, “Space for Cultural Activities”, “Cinema and Video in Izmir”, “Stage and Audience for Theatre in Izmir”, “Independent Publishing” and “Contemporary Art”.

The “Participants” section includes presentations of 56 participants of Izmir Culture Pla+form Initiative’s Communication Meetings. Lastly in the “Models and Strategies” section, you may find the presentations of the national and international participants of the Izmir Culture Pla+form Initiative’s Communication Meetings that could serve as a model to local culture and art producers in Izmir.

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