ENCATC’s Social Media Toolkit for Cultural Managers is Now Available

February '18

European Network on Cultural Management and Policy (ENCATC) represents, advocates, and promotes cultural management and cultural policy education, professionalizes the cultural sector to make it sustainable, and creates a platform for discussion and exchange at European and international level.

For this purpose, ENCATC has recently published the Social Media Toolkit for Cultural Managers. In general, the toolkit’s aim is to provide cultural managers more information on how to use social media. Some of the subjects in this Social Media Toolkit for Cultural Managers are:

· How Does Marketing Work Online?

· A Short History of Social Media

· The Big Social Networks: What Makes Them Unique?

· What is Social Capital?

· How to Build Capital in a Social Network

· How to Tell Good Stories Online

· Using Online Data to Understand Your Audience

The toolkit has a fundamental and crucial take-home message: “With care and focus, you can create content as good as that of any big brand with a large budget. Digital tools are there to make your life easier: a small effort to learn them will pay you back. You just have to schedule it into your workday.”


You can find ENCATC’s Social Media Toolkit For Cultural Manager here.