Cultural Policy Yearbook 2020-21

March '23

Cultural Policy Yearbook 2020-21

Culture in the Cities- Present and Future

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Cultural Policy Yearbook 2020-21 Culture in the Cities- Present and Future edited by Franco Bianchini and Guy Saez. 

The Cultural Policy Yearbook 2020-21, prepared by İstanbul Bilgi University Cultural Policy and Management Research Center, and published by İletişim Publishing House, focuses on urban cultural policies, with contributions from leading scholars and practitioners in the field with a special contribution by Franco "Bifo" Berardi. Drawing on case studies from cities in Europe, Asia, and beyond the Yearbook provides a critical and insightful examination of the challenges and opportunities facing urban cultural policies in an era of rapid urbanization and social transformation.

CULTURE IN THE CITIES - Present and Future

FOCUS EDITORS Franco Bianchini, Guy Saez

OPEN SPACE EDITORS Ayça Bayrak, Adil Serhan Şahin


Cultural Policy Yearbook is an international, peer reviewed publication, producing high-quality, original research. For article submissions, information about “Focus” theme and peer-review policy please see:

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Cultural Policy Yearbook Editorial Board

Serhan Ada, Asu Aksoy, M. Melis Bilgin, Tanıl Bora, Osman Erden, Gökçe Dervişoğlu Okandan, Ferhat Özgür, Tuğrul Paşaoğlu, Deniz Ünsal, Esra Yıldız

ISBN-13: 978-975-05-3451-5

© 2023 İletişim Yayıncılık A.Ş. (First Edition)

1st Edition 2023, İstanbul




PUBLICATION ASSISTANTS Alara Demirel, Meltem Ezer, Sena Öndün

TRANSLATORS Ebru Kılıç, Öykü Terzioğlu Özer, Eda Üzüm, Edda Çeviri, Entra Dil Hizmetleri

COVER DESIGN Mehmet Ulusel

LAYOUT Hüsnü Abbas

PROOFREADING Miyase Çelen, Meltem Ezer, Sena Öndün, Akademik Redaksiyon


Table of Contents

  • Foreword - Serhan Ada
  • Keynote (Video Talk) - Franco “Bifo” Berardi

FOCUS (Editors: Franco Bianchini - Guy Saez)

  • Urban Cultural Policies – Some Notes on the Present and on Possible Futures – Franco Bianchini, Guy Saez, Enrico Tommarchi
  • The Fragile City – Adam Chmielewski
  • Human Rights and the City: What Role for Human Rights in the Creative City? – Jonathan Vickery
  • Beyoğlu in Istanbul: Whose Story is It? – Asu Aksoy, Kevin Robins
  • Investigating the Relationships Between Cultural Heritage and Mega-Events Across Heritage-Rich Cities in Europe – Davide Ponzini, Zachary Mark Jones
  • City Cultural Policies and Participative Governance Models – Milena Dragićević Šešić, Tatjana Nikolić
  • The Post ‘Global City’ Syndrome: The Rise and Fall of Culture-Led Urban Regeneration in Valencia – Enrico Tommarchi
  • Reinventing Urban Cultural Policies in the Light of a Culture of Cooperation: The Case of Citizen Laboratories in Madrid – Raphaël Besson
  • Counterculture as a Financial Asset: The Commodification of LX Factory in Lisbon – Leticia Carmo, Luca Pattaroni, Mischa Piraud
  • (Un-)predictable? The Ambiguous Relationship Between Cultural Policy and Urban Planning – Johannes Crückeberg, Andrea Cederquist, Daniel Gad
  • The New Urban Cultural Policy in South Africa: Selected Case Studies – Richard Haines, Casper Lötter
  • Rhetoric versus Reality of the Creative City in ASEAN – Phitchakan Chuangchai


OPEN SPACE (Editors: Adil Serhan Şahin, Ayça Bayrak)

  • The Case of Hagia Sophia Under “Pious-Authoritarian” Neoliberalism – İsmail Tiryaki
  • Art as a Means of Resistance: Case Study Post-Revolutionary Capital Tunis (Tunisia) – Nouhad Khalifa
  • Encounters in Naturecultures: A Tour of Infrastructure and Heritage on the New Silk Road – Can Zeren


REVIEW (Editor: Alara Demirel)

  • European Capital of Culture: An Instrument for a Future Cultural Policy in Processes of Transformation - Wolfgang Schneider
  • The Urban Aesthetics of Absence – Andrew N. Carpenter
  • Who Has a Seat on the Table? Our Lives as Cities Become Uniform… – Funda Şenol Cantek
  • Review on the Rome Charter 2020: Interview with Luca Bergamo – Funda Lena, Serhan Ada
  • A Review on The Effects of Social Economic Structure on Copyrights – Eda Çataklar
  • The Young Researchers Conference on Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy, Istanbul Bilgi University (21-22 August 2020) – Jonathan Vickery
  • Transforming Programming Approach with Interdisciplinary Transition and Borrowed Concepts: COVID-in-Residence – Emre Erbirer