Cultural Policy Year Book of 2019 is Published!

July '20

Dear Writers and Readers, after all the unforeseen events we have all endured in this trialing times, today we are happy to announce that “Cultural Policy Yearbook 2019 - Forced Migration and Cultural Production” is published!

Annual 2019, which is planned to be published and distributed by İletişim Publications, was published online this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. You can access all the content from the addresses below;






Cultural Policy and Management Research Centre (KPY)


  • FOCUS                     EDITORS                Nevra Ertürk, Deniz Ünsal
  • OPEN SPACE          EDITOR                   Esra Yıldız
  • REVIEW                   EDITOR                   Adil Serhan Şahin


Cultural Policy Yearbook is an international, peer-reviewed publication, producing high-quality, original research. For article submissions, information about “Focus” theme and peer-review policy please see:

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Cultural Policy Yearbook Editorial Board

Serhan Ada, Asu Aksoy, M. Melis Bilgin, Tanıl Bora, Osman Erden, Nevra Ertürk, Gökçe Dervişoğlu Okandan, Ferhat Özgür, Tuğrul Paşaoğlu, Adil Serhan Şahin, Deniz Ünsal, Esra Yıldız


  • EDITOR IN CHIEF                    Serhan Ada
  • MANAGING EDITORS:              Sedef Akalın, Beyza Becerikli
  • PUBLICATION ASSISTANT:      Alara Demirel
  • TRANSLATORS:                        Fatma Özhan, Eda Üzüm
  • COVER DESIGN:                       Mehmet Ulusel
  • PROOFREADING:                     Fatma Özhan, Güher Gürmen, Marie-Anne Schockmel


Table of Contents

  • Foreword - Serhan Ada


FOCUS (Editors: Nevra Ertürk and Deniz Ünsal)

  • Forced Migration and Cultural Production  - Nevra Ertürk, Deniz Ünsal
  • Reconnecting: The Contribution of Cultural Heritage to the Return Home After Forced Migrations due to Human Induced Disasters  - Saadet Gündoğdu, Zeynep Gül Ünal
  • Our Story is quite a story… Shared Experiences from the “Hakawati” Project - Marianne Boqvist, Serene Huleileh & Paul Mattar 
  • Musical Migrations: Young Peoples’ Perspectives on Sustaining Musical Cultures in (Re)settlement Contexts - Andrea Emberly, Tiffany Pollock
  • Diversity Metrics? A Reflection on Themes from a Refugee Theatre Project in Canada - Taiwo Afolabi
  • Moving Identities and the Fixed Gaze: Notes from Personal Experience - May Seifan, Ziad Adwan 
  • Reality of Migration: Broken Promises, Stolen Dreams - Semra Doğan Ak 
  • Using Cultural Heritage for the Refugees: “The Multaka Project” – A Cultural Initiative for the Refugees in Berlin’s Museums - Isber Sabrine 
  • Refugees Welcome to Germany - Özlem Canyürek 
  • New Food Practices in Istanbul in the Aftermath of the Syrian Civil War: Syrian Restaurants and Collective Refugee Kitchens - Ezgi Tuncer 
  • Policies of Waiting: Syrian Cultural Work in Turkey - Waseem Alsharqi
  • Behind an Exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum: “Syria, Then and Now: Stories from Refugees a Century Apart” - Ayşin Yoltar-Yıldırım


OPEN SPACE (Editor: Esra Yıldız)


  • Emancipating Cultures: From Canonising Cultural Institutions Towards Commoning Art Constitutions  - Pascal Gielen
  • Expeditions to the Near - Nazlı Tümerdem


REVIEW (Editor: Adil Serhan Şahin)

  • MOUSSEM: A Cultural Organisation of Immigrant Background Questioning  “the Canon” - Interview with Mohamed Ikoubaan - Serhan Ada
  • AMA's Place - Vittorio Urbani 
  • Faces Behind the Numbers: A Review on an Interactive Art Project, “Face Forward… into My Home”  - Şahizer Samuk Carignani, Derya Acuner, Yeşim Tonga Uriarte
  • “Plural Heritages of Istanbul: The Case of the Land Walls” Research Project – A Participatory Research Approach to Cultural Heritage - Zeynep Kunt
  • “YALLAH”: Morocco on the Migration Path to Europe - Civil Initiatives and Policy-making Attempts - Zeynep Okyay
  • “The Multaka Project”: A New Approach for Museum Visiting and Use of Cultural Heritage - Adil Serhan Şahin
  • Book Review: modelling public space(s) in cultureRethinking Institutional Practices in Culture and Historical (Dis)continuities, Regaining Control Over Public Space in Rapidly Changing Neoliberal World - Nina Mihaljinac
  • Conference Review: “Cultural Heritage and Migration: New Methods and Historical Contexts” (Stockholm, 15-16 May 2019) - Susana Vallejos
  • “Create Syria”: A Project to Empower Syrian Arts in Exile, Eight Years Spent Reflecting on How to Approach the Diaspora - Abdullah Alkafri, Sandra Kastoun