Cultural Policy Year Book of 2017/18 is Published!

November '18

Cultural Policy Yearbook

KPY Yearbook, prepared by Istanbul Bilgi University Cultural Policy and Management Research Center, has two important changes in its seventh (2017/18) issue. Previously published under the name of Cultural Policy and Management (KPY) Yearbook, is now published under the title of Cultural Policy Yearbook. In addition, the yearbook  previously published by İstanbul Bilgi University Publications will now be published and distributed by İletişim Publishing.

The “Focus” of the 2017/18 issue is Cultural Policy and Populism. This issue examines the history of the concept of populism and its taking on new meanings during the 21st century. In addition, the effects of populism on cultural policy, politics, art and culture are analyzed through the examples from the Balkans, Europe, South Africa and South America.



Focus (Editors: Milena Dragićević Šešić - Jonathan Vickery)

• Milena Dragićević Šešić, Jonathan Vickery: Introduction

• Ayhan Kaya: The Mainstreaming of Right-Wing Populism in Europe  

• Raphaela Henze: Eurocentrism in European Arts Management

• Ana Žuvela and Dea Vidović: The Rhetoric of Cultural Development and Paradox of Populism in Cultural Policy

• Jonathan Vickery: Culture, Populism, Public: New Labouris Early Policy Innovations and a Paradigm Creation of Social Instrumentalism

• Mike van Graan: The EBBS and Flows of Arts and Culture Policy: The South African Experience  

• Mariano Martín Zamorano and Lluís Bonet: A conceptual Framework on right and left wing populist cultural policies: similitudes and differences from the Argentina case

• Marko Mustapić, Benjamin Perasović, Augustin Derado: The Populist 2017 Electoral Campaign and Cultural Policy: A Case Study of the Return of ‘Outcast’ Željko Kerum onto the Croatian Political Scene

• Evren Balta, Soli Özel: Politics of Populism: Power and Protest in the Global Age

• Elona Lubyté: Maze of Choices: Art in Public Spaces Between Politics and Creative Practices

• Ana Letunić: Value of Arts and Curatorial Agency in the Post-political: Condition: Creative Europe towards Economic Core Aims

• Stevan Vuković: Why God Loves the Dreams of Serbian Artists or Art and Culture on Battleground of Populism


Open Space (Editor: Gökçe Dervişoğlu Okandan)

• Vasıf Kortun: Questions of Institutions

• Emre Erbirer: Creative Platforms: Global Phenomenon, Local Examples and Lessons

• Berndt Clavier, Asko Kauppinen: Cultural Policy as Historical Ontology: On the Governmentalization of Art

Review (Editors: Funda Lena, Adil Serhan Şahin)

• Seda Kılıç Aktaş: An Assesment of Community Filmmaking: Diversity, Practices and Places

• Didem Balatlıoğulları: Report of the Third National Culture Council

• Rada Drezgić: Book Review: Cultural Diplomacy: Arts, Festivals and Geopolitics