Call for Papers: Izmir Mediterranean Academy Symposium, “The Mediterranean in Motion”

March '17

Call for Papers: Izmir Mediterranean Academy Symposium, “The Mediterranean in Motion”

The Izmir Mediterranean Academy branch of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing a symposium entitled 'The Mediterranean in Motion', which will take place between the 16th and 18th of November 2017 in the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Arts Center, Izmir.

On the distant shores of the Mediterranean, there are so-called “clashing civilizations”, “competing” religions, politics, and peoples, distant/close cultures and societies. Yet between these shores there is also interaction and motion. The Mediterranean Sea is a borderland that links and separates these diversities, and constitutes a place of [in]communication.

“The Mediterranean in Motion” symposium aims to discuss the Mediterranean through the lens of its endemic mobility and motion while opening up questions and debates in an interdisciplinary manner. Contributions from humanities, art, architecture, design, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, geography, political science, literature, as well as other disciplines in conversation with them are invited. The papers can be on -but not limited to- the following topics within the Mediterranean context:

  1. People in motion: Migration, refugees, social and political movements, borders, and securitization of the Mediterranean;
  2. Ideas in motion: War and art, language, culture, authoritarianism, populism, literature, justice, codification;
  3. Design, architecture and art in motion: Art and artists; architectural perspectives, design from local handcrafts to industrial design;
  4. Power and resistance in motion: Repertoire and future of control and discipline in the Mediterranean, camps, biopolitics, architecture, urban transformations, hidden cities and islands, identity of cities, urban movements, gentrification, city economies;
  5. Environment in motion: Ecology, agriculture, land, sea, air, geography, environmental movements;
  6. Capital and labor in motion: Global economy, national economies, financial mobility, capital mobility, free/unfree labor forms.

Those who would like to participate with a paper, please fill out the form here and send it to by the 20th of March, 2017.

Click here for conceptual framework and more info.