Call for Papers - Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies

July '19

Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies
"Cultural Literacies in Transition"
Guest editor: Kris Rutten


For this special issue, they seek contributions that explore how cultural literacies are currently /defined/, /practiced/, /contested/ and /negotiated/ in relation to different contexts by focusing on the following discussions:

-What is currently considered to be valuable knowledge about culture, art, and aesthetics? How is this knowledge being challenged and how is it redefined? What does this imply for art education and for the curriculum in general?

-How are the societal functions of culture and the arts framed in the public and academic debate? What are the societal and educational values that are attributed to knowledge about and engagement with the arts?

-How is the role of cultural and art institutions changing as traditional mediators of knowledge about culture and the arts? What new forms of art mediation are emerging or how can such new forms be conceptualized?

Submission guidelines:

Deadline for abstracts: Send your abstracts of 300 words by August 15th, 2019 to

Notification of selected abstracts by September 1st, 2019.

Deadline for article submission: based on the selection of the abstracts full papers will need to be submitted by November 30th, 2019.

Information and instructions for authors:

All completed manuscripts MUST be uploaded onto the online manuscript portal.

Alternatively, contact the /Critical Arts /editorial office at  or the editor-in-chief, Keyan Tomaselli at .

For more information: utm_source=CPB_think&utm_medium=cms&utm_campaign=JOF10113