Call for articles: MELTEM 15 - Spring ‘24

March '24


MELTEM 15 - Spring ‘24



Meltem, is the refereed periodical publication of the Izmir Mediterranean Academy which was founded in 2012.

Meltem, is now in the way of a transformation process and has come to a turning-point in its career. Starting from its 15th issue in 2024, Meltem will continue its publication twice a year, titled ‘Spring’ and ‘Autumn,’ as before, in Turkish and English. Additionally, there are plans for an online publication of original articles in other Mediterranean languages such as Arabic, French, and Spanish.

In this new phase of Meltem, the scholarly journal remains dedicated to cultivating a critical perspective on the Mediterranean. Embracing an interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary approach, Meltem will diverge from conventional academic norms. With a spotlight on cross-cultural interactions, comparative studies, and collaborative endeavors in the Mediterranean and at large, Meltem will strive to illuminate the interconnected relationships between the cities, their hinterlands, the human beings and all species on earth. As this process unfolds, Meltem will actively seek to establish meaningful links between İzmir, the other Mediterranean cities, the world at large and, will foster a dynamic intellectual exchange that redefines scholarly engagement with the diverse debates and narratives around the Mediterranean.


Meltem Journal is expecting your articles and essays to open discussions within the framework overlapping with the general principles and working area of İzmir Mediterranean Academy ( for the sections of "Research and Debates At Large" and "Critique and Review" in the Spring ’24, #15 issue. We expect you to submit your work via e-mail, adhering to the delivery conditions and schedule outlined below. Applications in English or Turkish should first be submitted with abstracts of 100-200 words.


For more info:



Deadlines for Submissions:

Application with abstract - 22 March 2024 16:00

Full paper submission -   20 May 2024 16:00




Research and Debates at Large

Articles related to the principles of the İzmir Mediterranean Academy as explained in the call text are invited for submissions.

Stage 1 - Submission: Applications will be made with an abstract of 100-200 words.

Stage 2 - Peer Review: Selected articles for this stage are expected to be within the range of 4000-6000 words.

Stage 3: Following peer review, authors of articles selected for publication will provide an extended abstract of 1000-1500 words in the opposite language (Turkish-English).

Critique and Review

Short information, criticism, and commentary on publications, events, works of art, and academic/cultural meetings are invited as submissions for this section. Articles should be within the range of 1000-2000 words.

Stage 1 - Application: Applications will be made with an abstract of 100-200 words.

Stage 2: Selected articles are expected to be within the range of 1000-2000 words.



Articles should be sent via email to

In the initial stage, applications with abstracts of 100-200 words are expected. The section of the journal for which the submission is made should be indicated along with the abstract.

In the second stage, full-text submission of articles that applied with an abstract will be done in accordance with the submission guidelines.



For its print publication, Meltem accepts articles in both Turkish and English. All articles to be included in the "Research and Debates at large" section will also be published with an extended abstract in the opposite language (1000-1500 words).







Submissions should come in two files, one with the author’s name, and one anonymous.

Articles should be submitted online via e-mail in word format. All images included within the word document should also be separately provided in high resolution. The accepted reference system is APA (7th edition)

All submissions for “Research and Debates at large” section must include an abstract within the range of 100-200 words, and 5 keywords for index classification.


1. Author details: All authors’ full names, affiliations, postal addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses must be included on the title page. One author will need to be identified as the corresponding author.

2. Author short bio(s): All authors’ short bios of max 50 words must be included at the end of the manuscript.

3. Figures: Figures should be of high resolution. Figures should be saved as TIFF, JPG, and JPEG formats with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. If the author does not hold copyright, the author needs to obtain a written permission from the copyright owner prior to submission.