Call for Abstracts 2022: R&D Management Conference 2022, Trento 9-13 July

February '22

Track 3.7: Organizing for innovation in the cultural sector

Track chairs: Silvia Sacchetti (University of Trento, Italy), Lorenzo Mizzau (University of Genova, Italy)

The works of this track on “Organizing for innovation in the cultural sector” aims to analyse the new technological organisational and economic transformations that the cultural sector and the organisations operating within it have undergone over the past years. 

The focus includes (but it is not limited to) the effects and adaptations in the cultural industry following technological changes (such as music/movies streaming platforms, the use of live broadcasting platforms, digitalization of culture), and the pandemic crisis.  The focus is not only on the difficulties but also on the opportunities that the contextual situation has offered for innovation and change. 

More specifically, this track encourages paper submissions that:

  • analyse how cultural organisations innovate facing major economic and technological dynamics of the sector and the social and health crisis, as well as to the policies and incentives coming from the public sector. New governance modes, in particular public-private partnerships between the public and the social economy, as well as corporate social responsibility strategies will also be the focus of this track.
  • analyse recent economic, social and technological dynamics from the point of view of networking among organisations as well as individuals, including communities of practice within the cultural sector, and along the filière. 
  • address what organizational capabilities need to be combined to address both the production of cultural value and needs of economic sustainability
  • analyse more in general the forms of governance and organizing that cultural organizations adopt for cultural production


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