Announcement: A major music company looking for a Junior Artist and Repertoire Assistant

October '22

Are you listening to music from down to dust? Are you a 24-hour party person? Are you attending lots of gigs? Would you love to spend time with artists at their studios?

Spending the majority of your time listening to music, enjoying clubs, reading music blogs, and so passionate about discovering promising new musical artists….

If that’s you, you are the one that we are looking for as a Junior A&R!


To be a part of the Marketing department of a major music company;

• We are looking for an A&R assistant who is a proactive person with a strong understanding of the music industry and a passion for music

• Can monitor editorial playlists and report them accordingly,

• Can follow and participate in artistic & cultural activities happening in the city,

• Organize calls and meetings with partners,

• Periodically control and edit files as audio-visual content, and metadata required for the releases of new singles and albums,

• Has excellent networking skills,

• Will monitor social media accounts and releases of the artists,

• Multitasking over different projects at the same time,

• Working with strict time constraints,

• Identifying new trends within music including via analysis of data


Department: Marketing

Reporting: A&R Manager & Marketing Director Part-time / Full-time

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