A UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy is Established at Istanbul Bilgi University

April '18

In accordance with the agreement signed between Istanbul Bilgi University and the UNESCO Director General, a UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy was established within the University.

Operating under the chairmanship of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serhan Ada, Turkey’s 12th UNESCO Chair, “UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy” aims;

· To contribute to the on-going works in this field between the Turkish and international cultural institutions, in order to enhance international cultural cooperation and dialogue,

· To develop international cooperation between the stakeholders and civil society, especially within cultural industries, in order to protect and promote the diversity of cultural expression,

· To produce capacity-enhancing programmes in order to support participatory cultural policy-making and to support the exıstıng international network in this field,

· To cooperate with other UNESCO Chairs working in similar fields, as well as with UNESCO,

· To increase the dissemination and sharing of research activities in the field of cultural policy and cultural diplomacy.