A New Arts and Cultural Space in Prague: Limpid Works

April '18

One of the most adventurous, intense, entertaining and challenging discoveries in life is getting to know our bodies and ourselves. For different reasons we impose restrictions on and build barriers around ourselves. It takes time for us to stand and feel the earth under our soles. This is where exactly the story of the Limpid Works starts.

Limpid Works which spatially came to life in Prague in 2018 is the project of Assoc. Prof. Berrak Yedek, dancer, choreographer, dance instructor and Bilgi University Performing Arts (PA) instructor. Each one of the programmes organized by Yedek in company with her arts professional fellows who specialized in varying range of disciplines but drifted apart from the mainstream and became distinct, is based on the theme of “listening”. Listening to the body, listening to another person, collective listening to others… We recover, develop and discover our mind and body by means of listening the recorded moments over them. For this purpose, three programmes take place in Limpid Works: dance and movement, music, literature and visual arts.

Working in various fields and countries for long years made Yedek’s dance and movement programme very special and personal. Through the “Somatic Dialogue” technique developed by her, we accompany our thinking and moving body and listen to it and our environment. With the belly dance classes, we experience a modern approach to the classical ‘belly dance’. And with the Tango classes, aside from the classical Tango education, dancers discover the ways of establishing a better connection with music and themselves.

Limpid Works is a co-production space which makes you feel its difference from the studios you have been before as soon as you step in.

Güneş Çoban