UNESCO Chairs Seminar: International Peace and Security

UNESCO Chairs Seminar: Towards a Pact for the Future

International Peace and Security

Date: Thursday, May 16, 2024

Time: 15:00 to 16:30

Languages: English and French

Format: Zoom

From March to July 2024, a series of UNESCO Chairs Seminars will provide an interdisciplinary platform for UNESCO Chairs, UNITWIN Networks, and other experts to explore the thematic areas covered in the outcome document of the United Nations Summit of the Future, scheduled for September 2024: A Pact for the Future.

For this online UNESCO Chairs Seminar on ‘International Peace and Security’, an expert panel of UNESCO Chairs working in the fields of peace studies, intercultural dialogue, education for peace-building and human rights, freedom of expression and cultural diplomacy will be joined by members of UNESCO Chairs, UNITWIN Networks and other experts. With reference to Chapter 2 of the Pact for the Future – one of the outcome documents of the Summit of the Future – participants will share perspectives and experiences to explore the interdependent nature of peace, human rights and sustainable development and how they can contribute towards constructing ‘the defences of peace’.

Please click here to register for the seminar, which will feature Prof. Serhan Ada, Chairholder of our UNESCO Chair on Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy, as a panelist.


Image: UNESCO (Adobe Stock/Kengmerry)