CAMMA THURSDAY TALKS: "The Museology of Peacebuilding; Proposing a New Cross-Disciplinary Domain of Practice" Assistant Prof. Bengi Atun


The Museology of Peacebuilding; Proposing a New Cross-Disciplinary Domain of Practice - Assistant Prof. Bengi Atun

Date: March 21, 2024 - Thursday
Time: 17:00
Place: santralistanbul Campus, E4-209

We live in troubled times which calls for an ethical and solution-oriented response from academia.  The proposal for a new cross-disciplinary domain of practice, the Museology of Peacebuilding, is such a response.  The new field borrows from and builds upon findings and theories from various fields and is described as the “discipline and practice of an empowering pedagogy that uses museological strategies to re-establish the individual’s perception and relationship to reality to improve relations amongst estranged communities.”  This new field is delineated both in terms of its practical application as well as the theories which support this application, and is envisioned as a new domain of practice where theory and practice will continue to evolve simultaneously as the field develops and matures.  

Bengi Atun (Ph.D., Koç University, 2019) is an Assistant Professor at Istanbul Medipol University, where she teaches architectural design studios, interdisciplinary design studios, museology courses and museum architecture courses.  She is a professional architect who studied environment and development for her Master’s degree and Museum Studies and Heritage Studies during her Ph.D.  She is interested in cross-disciplinary studies and future domains of practice where disciplinary boundaries will blur in favor of solution-oriented responses to pressing world issues.