One key mission of KPY is to provide publication opportunities for original research in the fields of cultural policy and management. KPY will carry on with the KPY Yearbook, published annually, with an aim to attract articles and research reports from both academic and non-academic circles especially from a wide region, including the neighboring countries to the EU, to Turkey and from the Caucasus countries and the Middle East.

KPY has published, so far, KPY Yearbook 2009; KPY Yearbook 2010; and Introduction to Cultural Policy in Turkey, a selection of essays edited by Serhan Ada and Ayça İnce.The first work finalized in the area of cultural politics is the book titled Introduction to Cultural Politics in Turkey, created with the support of the Europe Culture Foundation (Holland) and the Chrest Foundation (USA). This book, which is published in Turkish and English acts as an introduction to cultural politics, which is very broad and multilayered.

KPY will be publishing the following titles:

  • City Cultural Guide Series;
  • Educational Packages;
  • A Reader on management of Cultural Diversity in Turkey.

Contact :

KPY-Cultural Policy and
Management Research Center

İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi, Santral Kampüsü,
Kazım Karabekir Cd. No: 2/13
E4-216, 34060 , Eyüp

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KPY Yearbook 2010 has published. Yearbook 2010 embraces current cultural policy literature and local practices in Turkey, as well as recent research on education as one of the key issues in the cultural sector.

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