Yearbook 2010

Yearbook 2010The present Cultural Policy and Management Yearbook is the second to be published by the Centre for Cultural Policy and Management (KPY) at Istanbul Bilgi University. Embodying the Centre’s belief that intensive cultural policy research is a precondition for any informed public debate on cultural policy in Turkey, Yearbook 2010 embraces current cultural policy literature and local practices in Turkey, as well as recent research on education as one of the key issues in the cultural sector. It also offers a general appraisal and constructive criticism of shared experience in the field.

Central to Yearbook 2010 is the theme of cultural diversity, where discussion focuses on an important recent document: the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, adopted in Paris in October 2005. As far as political developments in Turkey are concerned, the achievements of a number of Anatolian cities as well as the challenges they have faced in the wake of the recent local elections, together with the preparations for Istanbul as the European Cultural Capital 2010, have demonstrated that cultural development at city level remains a fundamental topic for ongoing policy reform debates. This is true not only in Turkey but also around the world, as is shown by the important contributions of a number of international researchers, who explore cultural developments on local, regional and urban levels. These are presented in a separate dossier: ‘Cultural Policy and Cities revisited’, which complements the topics addressed in our first edition, Yearbook 2009, and demonstrates the timeliness of this publication project as well as its future potential.

Table of Contents

Editors’ Note
Ülkü Zumray Kutlu, Cas Smithuijsen

Keynote article
City, Culture and Identity: The City as Thirdspace, Hans Mommaas

Special Interview
Interview with Raymond Weber

Dossier: Cultural Diversity
Interview with Danielle Cliché
Cultural Diversity and Arts Policy in the Netherlands, 1980 – 2010, Eltje Bos and Cas Smithuijsen; Epilogue: Cultural Diversity in the Netherlands as seen from Turkey
Deniz Ünsal
Diversity in the Cultural Industries: A Migrant Cultural Entrepreneur Perspective, Amanda Brandellero
Celebrating Diversity through Different –isms, Daniela Angelina Jelinčić

Dossier: Cities and Cultural Policy Revisited
Cultural Policy-making in the Face of Urban Regeneration: The Case of the Northern Milanese Subregion, Davide Ponzini
Cultural Policy Challenges in Sicily, Fanny Bouquerel
Cultural Centers in İstanbul: Changing Cultural Policies in the 2000s, Ayça İnce
Engaging the local, urban and the global: the Ahırkapı Hıdırellez Spring Festival, Burcu Yasemin Şeyben

From Anatolian Cities
Voice from the Field: the Cases of Kars and Çanakkale in the Context of Participatory Local Cultural Policy Development in Turkey, Ülkü Zümray Kutlu
Culture and Art in Kars | 2005 – 2009 The Experience of the Kars Arts Centre (KAC), Eylem Ertürk
Looking at Kars through the Monument of Humanity, Pelin Başaran
Leaps in Contemporary Art in the New Era and the Case of A77, Esra Aysu Aysun

Other Articles
The Forgotten Human Aspect of Conservation, Derya Nüket Özer
Architectural Heritage in Turkey in Light of the Commodification of Cultural Products, Banu Pekol
State Planning and The Emerging Role of Civil Society in Cultural Policies in Syria, Rana Yazaji

17th European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centers Annual Conference, Cultural Policy Researchers Forum and Cultural Policy Research Award, Event review by Ayça İnce
Sharjah March Meeting, Event review by Bige Örer
Çanakkale Museums Meeting II: Museums and Dialogue in Urban Cultural Policies, Event review by Deniz Ünsal and Hanzade Uralman
Studying the Neighborhood: Cihangir and the Project on ‘Migration in Europe and Local Tradition” (MELT) Project, Project review by Seza Sinanlar Uslu
Congo as a European Member: The Cultural Role of the State in the European Membership Process, Theatre-Play review by Burcu Yasemin Şeyben

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KPY Yearbook 2010 has published. Yearbook 2010 embraces current cultural policy literature and local practices in Turkey, as well as recent research on education as one of the key issues in the cultural sector.

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