Local Cultural Policies Handbook
Steps, Tools and Case Studies

In the planning and development of the cultural sphere on the city scale and the implementation of cultural projects and programs, in addition to local governments and civil society, the participation of other public and private institutions, as well as the city inhabitants is important in terms of devising plans with long term applicability and durable impact, and also for inhabitants to espouse the process. Local Cultural Policies Handbook: Steps, Tools and Case Studies was compiled to this end, to underline this priority, and contribute to discussions around local cultural policies in Turkey by presenting case studies of plans and projects developed in a participatory and inclusive manner.



  • Foreword
  • A Handbook for Local Cultural Policies
  • On Cultural Policies in Turkey
  • On Cultural Policies, Sustainability and Participation
  • Culture and Human Rights
  • Culture and Human Development
  • From Rights to Policies
  • Culture, the Fourth Pillar of Sustainability
  • Globalisation and Cultural Policies
  • Globalisation, Cities and Culture
  • Uniting Cities at a Global Level
  • The Agenda 21 for Culture
  • The Participation of Citizens in Policy-making
  • Institutional Innovation and Citizenship
  • Developing Local Cultural Policy
  • Steps, Tools and Case Studies
  • Step 1 Learn About the City
  • Step 2 Get to Know Inhabitants
  • Step 3 City Analysis
  • Step 4 Objectives for the City
  • Step 5 City Action Plan
  • Step 6 Programs, Projects and Activities
  • Step 7 Evaluation
  • Authors, Contributors, References and Lists
  • Authors and Contributors
  • References
  • Authors and Contributors
  • Laws and Regulations
  • List of Tools and Case Studies


This book is published under Creative Commons Licence. Attribution non-commercial and non-derivatives.

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